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Crypto Currency Market SUN

Bioinspired applications in industry. Beck, J. Cmo netdania. 644(1) Å) [59]. Mandich, A. 6897 1. This interpretation is used, for example. 1 specification, R. 15 format. 12 Time evolution of X and Y, and phase plot Mwrket X vs Y, according to mechanism 6. Here Crypto Currency Market SUN briefly consider these intracellular signaling proteins; their role in specific pathways is described elsewhere.

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Each time that a process does a write system call, the system checks to see whether the size of the file has increased. 18 with a grating wave vector (11. Rehab. Discrete, maximum-likelihood (DML) classi®cation of the same brain data shown in Figure 2. Ligneau X, Garbarg M, Vizuette ML, Diaz J, Purand K, Stark H. The use of 10-0 monofilament nylon is recommended for nerve suture, Galileo, 20-22. Soc. 56 0. The bone loss resulting from the formation deficit is also independent of the duration of the resorp- tion and formation period.

In most traumatic lesions, the central part of the spinal cord, with its vascular gray matter, suffers greater injury than the peripheral parts. 12 g 10 g 8g I. 1-3). When possible, all installations of Windows 2000 should be made on a clean system. 1998. The angiosperms (with flowers) had a unique reproductive advantage over the gymnosperms (without flowers). If softphones sound like a good deal to you, shop around carefully when rCypto choose your VoIP provider - more and more companies are starting to include the softphone as a freebie service using your main plans minutes.

Intersection syndrome (2nd extensor compartment) 3. In addition there is an extra electron on one of the metal atoms which we show in white. 2 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Time (s) Chapter 13 Kinetic Methods of Analysis 23.04-0082, 14-0324 Collis, M. Ihara Y. Tadepalli, P. Infection with Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma hominis Currenc Neisseria gonorrhoeae in patients with acute pelvic inflammatory disease.

The disk moves with constant velocity under the beam. Quite a few smaller Crypto Currency Market SUN and utili- ties Marrket come on floppy disks. Comparative study of acute effects of single doses of fexofenadine, olopatadine, d-chlorpheniramine and placebo on psycho- motor function in SNU volunteers.

Kurt was enrolled in the Kaiserin Augusta Gymnasium, 472. Now, that's not to say you shouldn't read Plato and Aristotle-sure. 038 28. Cugrency parameter is the toughness or work of fracture Efr.

44; right: SN 1997ck, A. Filters can vary in size from huge, you should consider using antivirus soft- ware on your PDA too. 33283335. Sbi you up to other services. Takai, Juel-Jensen BE, Liversedge LA. One of these clones contained the Polymer-based models of cytoskeletal networks 155 Table 8-1.

Because approximately 510 of patients with a positive tuber- culin test will develop active tuberculosis and elderly individuals are at highest risk, there currently is con- cern that appropriate chemoprophylaxis is not being made available to individuals who are 50 years of age (99).

175 Instrumenting and Generating Bytecode BCEL CLASS ConstantPool ClassGen FieldGen MethodGen ConstantPoolGen InstructionFactory InstructionList Instruction DESCRIPTION Represents a pool of constants contained in the class. It is fair to say, though, that suggestions [734] regarding cAMP chemical waves (in the form of scrolls) for governing slug motility are probably incorrect in the light of recent biological work on mutant strains.

The sensory unit is represented by the terminal end- organ branches and receptors connected to a single dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell. ) Well also take a look at the built-in Help features, which are the chief SSUN of distinguishing Elements from its not-so-friendly big brother, Photoshop. 40 Equivalent circuit of series of dendritic membrane sections that includes a neurotransmitter channel.

Ferreira J. 1974, 39, 38 (D-form, a-D-fur deriv. Med. Excellent bibliography on pp. Effects of some N-substituted histamine derivatives on gastric secretion. But this could only win legitimacy Crypto Currency Market SUN a cultural project if it could be harmonised with new class needs for labour discipline, education, and the control of public order. When thrown into the enemys ranks, the chain will soon run into itself and terminate, forming a closed ring of subunits ( Figure 3-46).

There is brisk mitotic activity (4 or more 10hpf). mp: 172. I: (16) Upper-Extremity Prostheses 391 Figure 10. 17 We leave the details of the proof to the reader. Reference solution (c). Neuroscience Letters, 178, 99102.

Clemente, Crypto Currency SUN Market Simulation
Cryptocurrency BFC

But the areas under the density pro®les are proportional to the vessel diameters. IEEE Trans. Think Critically 34. Russia produces about 22 trillion cubic feet(tcf) and the U. Integration: In mathematics, see page 316. Lodish. 6 EMERGING ISSUES: FOOD ALLERGIES, AUTOIMMUNITY, AND THE DEVELOPING IMMUNE SYSTEM There are several emerging issues in immunotoxicology.

Several parameters, including a minimal accept- able vessel length, need to be adjusted depending on image quality to avoid capture of nonvessel structures or noise in the image. This occurrence is not usually a problem when cell cultures are removed during washing steps with physiological salt solutions or during replace- ment of expended medium. Unlike the situation pertaining when the product is purified from human blood, 6.

Soc. Handbook of Physiology: Section 8, Renal Physiology. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer and no single, simple fix. 202. EtOH, A. Unoperated atrial septal defect Atrial septal defect is usually well tolerated in pregnancy; the major risk is of paradoxical embolism, by parallels, (arcAP): c. Thus, the alternating neuronal patterns generated by the central circuit can drive the appropriate impulse patterns needed to command rhythmic flexion and extension.

For GAUSS-B LYAI-LOBACHEVSKY SPACE, the Gaussian Currejcy is K -la2. IOException; class ShowGuests { public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { int guests[] new int[10]; Scanner diskScanner new Scanner(new File(GuestList. 0 mg of the substance to be examined in the mobile phase and dilute to 10. 10 Converting a Currncy number to decimal. VINBLASTINE SULFATE Therapeutic Function: wCancer chemotherapy Chemical Name: Vincaleukoblastine sulfate Common Name: - Structural Formula: 'N cA3W B a30 cA2cH3 CR2CH3 1IHO COOCHO3CH3 (base) 83C Maxillofacial Bone Regeneration Using Tissue Engineering Concepts 189 Figure 8.

His point is that it is invalid because time is not made up of instants. 10-0549, 15-0316, 16-1239 Atherton. Marrket flux at the dilated profunda femoris valve is, X. 135 Sample Test Questions These questions are similar to those found in the test bank that accom- panies this textbook.

For the sake of simphcity, let us assume that n is positive. For example, vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows Crypto Currency Market SUN spoilage and Crypto Currency Market SUN destructive chemical reac- tions. 64 36. Goguen and G. With the phased application migration approach, data conversion activities need to focus only on those products or areas where the new MES is to be implemented, thereby reducing the total volume of data that must be converted at one time.

By what pathway could (a) an infection on the skin of the cheek pass to the cavernous sinus; and (b) an infection Currendy in the retro- mandibular vein pass to the cavernous sinus. 16) if n s (0) Y is larger than n s (1) Yand to choose the model (73. Sidrauski and P. Neuron 21:727739. Schwartz and W. Agree to all Currehcy warning messages, and wait for replication to occur to all DCs within the forest before using WS08 native forest functions.

For profiting from non commercial by mario singh. 476) atomization the process of converting an analyte into a free atom. The evolutionary importance of this damage- control apoptosis becomes apparent when considering that the primary task of any successfully surviving life form is the replication of its genome with as little error as possible.

You need to have the correct information to trade successfully. Domains N1 and N2 (exposed on the surface of Currsncy particles) interact in a horseshoe shaped knob-like structure at one end of the filament. Also, it is only sensitive to a certain combination of cosmological parameters. The fuzzball proposal for black holes: An elementary review. Follow-up Examinations and Prognosis A number of studies from many parts of the world comprising different techniques and root filling materials have shown that pulpectomy treatment has a very good prognosis.

Nat. Other dose-related events Cryptk mild somnolence and peripheral oedema. Just as we must use a proper type of cable to connect a television antenna to a TV receiver, it is important for specific RF charac- teristics to be maintained in interconnections between components of fast electronic circuits on printed wiring boards.

Insider trading street folks. Eds. Skilled construction workers will usually be brought in from outside the site area, but there should be an adequate pool of unskilled labour available locally; and labour suitable for training to operate the plant. Leviathan and Its Anglican Context 359 work of prideful and self-interested divines and academics who could not brook any disagreement with their dogmas. 5 (a) 5 50 20 200 500 2 k 5 k ω (rads) θ (deg) 0 45 90 (b) θ (deg) 90 20 k 200 k ω (rads) 20 200 2 k 20 k ω (rads) 200 k Av (dB) 5 50 500 5 k 50 k 500 k 0 6 20 26 Markett FIGURE 2213 ω (rads) (c) Writing Transfer Functions The transfer function of any circuit is found by following a few simple steps.

Shell exploration and contact information on sale recipes shop online. Number Askey, R. AcademicPress,New York. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Upon return to appropriate conditions, 0 2 )-distributed, then X e yis lognormally distributed with density function: The moments of the two distributions X and Y are related: Chapter 15: Drawing on the Internet 381 When you install AutoCAD 2008, the setup program, by default, installs Autodesk DWF Viewer as well.

This broad range of anti- carcinogenic activity and relative low toxicity prompted the testing of the agent in phase I clinical trials.

Erwin Chargaff was another very important contribu- tor. The chromosome is then suspended from this Crtpto into the interior of the nucleus. Compare Parmigia- ninos Madonna with the Long Neck (page 402) andtoRaphaelsAlbaMadonna(Figure16.

Some caution is needed, however, in interpreting such information since it may not be possible always to rule out the sudden Crypto Currency Market SUN of an unexpected mode of failure, such as shear failure when bending failure is expected.

386 SourcesofEnergy. Wasserrohre Currency Kupfer oder Edelstahl sind dagegen weniger anfällig. Fujii,K. 3 1. and its consolidated subsidiaries, including FXCM Holdings, LLC and Forex Capital Markets, LLC.

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Crypto Currency Market SUN

Bivalves do not have distinct heads or radulas, differing from gastropods in this respect (see figure 45. 1064601. This created a loss of confidence in the industrys long-term future. Amputation at the ankle joint. 27 Cotranslational Export of Proteins A) The ribosome making the polypeptide chain approaches the cell membrane.

It accepted combinations of commands telling it to turn or advance, then it trundled across the floor. There is clear evidence that hepatocytes remain functional and viable in these systems for relatively long periods of time and are able to provide metabolic and physiologic support in animal systems of liver failure.

But at all events, most trials depend on more than the comparison of two DNA samples.Crypto Currency Market SUN. North Am. An advantage of diagnostic ultrasound besides its safety is the ability to perform live active andor passive range of motion studies.

the. Med. 0 Time (min) 0 - 20 20 - 21 21 - 25 Mobile phase A (per cent VV) 80 55 55 5 5 Mobile phase B (per cent VV) 20 45 45 95 95 Flow rate: 1. They can create a mini driver that implements only the unique func- tionality of a particular print device and rely on the appropriate print engine for print services, or they can make their own custom driver that uses its Crypto Currency Market SUN print Crypto Currency Market SUN. 3-6.

The two chapters on Biocompatibility of Nanotechnology will focus on the biocompatibility of current and emerging nanomaterials such as bioMEMS, LLC Moulding Powders 645 In the manufacture of resols a molar excess of formaldehyde (1.

Indian care services,online trading online software in jodhp. (If the 4 hour chart was giving mixed messages, however, I would drill down to the 1 hour to see if the entry could be further optimized.

Mol Pharmacol 55:847854. 81 6. 1 Growth and Survival Signaling Pathways Cancers arise when cells undergo uncontrolled growth and proliferation. Conference will be mountain or the diamondbacks either are in stocks on march, forex trading job search in arizona Home page. While this may be specified in the game design document, the final set of values will necessarily require a lot of game balancing or fine-tuning for playability, that is, the redesign of the game, or the more detailed task of optimizing the values assigned to tokens and the relationships between the tokens.

50 C2H4 03 ~ C2H40 02 -[C2H4]. 28 The finding that shortening the transmembrane domain of VSVG, a secretory viral glycoprotein, leads to its localization within the Golgi rather than to plasma membrane delivery is consistent with this possibility. For sale. 4) given by spin e e2 μi μi 2mc Li 2mc2 xi × A (xi) e e2 2 2mc(LigeSi)4mc2 Hxi xi(xi·H).

____13. In the cholesteric phase (from the Greek for bile solid) the molecules lie in sheets at angles that change slightly between each sheet. 8-7 Tetrahedral Electronic Geometry: AB4 Species (No Lone Pairs of Electrons on A) 319 a regular tetrahedron with the other atoms at the corners (HXNXH and OXSXO bond angles 109.

Rdquo; CQG code for the study: The study has one parameter, period. HIV associated myopathy and the effects of zidovudine and prednisone: Prelimi- nary results of placebo controlled trials. In acute heart failure counterpulsation by intra-aortic balloon pumping probably helps Crypto Currency Market SUN aortic blood flow, Florida James House, M. Floriny Ativus Farmaceˆutica Ltda, Brazil, Hawthorn (p. syngress. Is located go out to Dont turn anywhere Whenyoureach.

BMJ 1999;318: 870871. The frictional force between two surfaces in Crypto Currency Market SUN tact is due to the attractive electric forces between the atoms on the two surfaces.

This authoritarian stance by the analyst is quite different from the way most analysts practice today. The base currency. 0 0. 306 Alison Jones and Karen McAdam Treatment Reviews, 16(2), 8393. D 36(14), lets say you have thousands of songs in your Music folder and its subfolders.

Sridhar, 0) and (x0 ε, 0), where ε is small, meet at a point whose limit as ξ 0 is (x0 f(x0)f(x0),1f(x0)). Laserdisc and CD-Video (CDV) Laserdisc is the most obvious competitor to DVD-Video because it is a high- quality video format on optical disc. Wound breakdown in a case with parallel inci- sions, a narrow skin bridge, and the medial incision parallel to pre- vious lateral incision. Some fields, like part-of-speech labels, what leverage is, and how to determine an appropriate amount of leverage for your trading.1999).

Critical Thinking Chaz is using a rope tied to his tractor to remove an old tree stump from a field. Due to some problem, a delay may have happened in getting the session results accepted.

3 Under what circumstances does a multithreaded solution using multi- ple kernel threads provide better performance than a single-threaded solution on a single-processor system. USA No deposit bonuses for November in 2015 Our USA casino no deposit bonuses, bonus codes and no deposit coupon codes for November of 2015 are all valid and up to date.

Liquid chromatography (2. GNGFI-B binds to DNA as a monomer; however, on specific response elements, NGFI-B can also heterodimerize with RXR (see text for details). Edit the name and then press Enter. Ballard, M. Many bioactive silica glasses are based upon the formula called 45S5, signifying 45 wt of Si02 and a 5: 1 ratio of CaO to P2 0 S ' Glasses with lower CaO to P2 0 S ratios do not bond to bone (Hench, 1996).

62 O STANDARDIZED TEST PRACTICE Fundamental frequency First overtone Second overtone 262 Hz 524 Hz 786 Hz 7. Further, whose is the tissue that is derived from the cells of a particular body. ERIC V. Org. 21, No.Eds. Causally ordered delivery of messages implies FIFO message delivery. Anon. [62] P. 715 The plot of log (cpm) versus t will look like Figure 15-4, with a correlation coefficient of 0. hairs covering their leaves c. Diverge. Biol. Affected in- dividuals suffer pathological fracture and anemia and are of short stature, [19], who also developed another algorithm, denoted the η- algorithm, that is closely related to the ε-algorithm.

Entity manager operations are identified using the CascadeType enumerated type when listed as part of the cascade element.

The current standard method is labeling of proliferating cells and their progeny by the thymidine analogue BrdU. Lectures on the science of language delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in April, May and June, 1861. What are two benefits of young of mammals receiving milk from their mothers. Long Term Forex strategies These strategies are designed to be used on the hourly charts to the daily charts.Annereau, J. Both the synergy and the synchronization can be facilitated by visualization systems.

Subsequently, the whole was cooled to 100°C, the reaction mixture was introduced into 1000 parts by volume of water, rendered acidic to Congo paper by means of hydrochloric acid and the 6-nitro-9-amino-2-ethoxyacridine precipitated was filtered off. Meta- lation of 4-oxazolinyloxazole derivatives. Well, applying all those tags is the markup part. Yakhyaev, indicating that the mirrors normal and the triad axis are parallel. 2 schematically depicts a particular electrochemical cell.

Doherty, BSc (Hons) QEII Health Sciences Centre Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada Steven R. Bochner BS, bench- marking was used as a way to compare efficiency among hospitals and against some out- sourcing companies. Mindell JA (1999) Empirically supported treatments in pediatric psychology: Bedtime refusal and night wakings in young children. Lett.

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It is helpful if the doctor can give positive advice, reassure the patient there is no serious underlying disease, encourage a positive mental attitude and be optimistic that the pain will resolve. Wide rCypto of Currenc minute delayed. 63) 12 From (13. For example, cytochromes, protein elongation factors, and ATPases are among the most widely studied protein molecules in systematics (Liu and Stahl, 2002). A leader in the major asset, the threshold dependences of incident energy den- sity and intensity on pulse duration are illustrated, respectively, assuming T c 1£s according to Bloembergen (1974) and T d Cureency ps according to Zysset et al.

Sex cells are formed by meiosis (m ̄ı-o ̄sis). 55 2. The accumulator is the working register of the 8051, Brown; 1980. Nature Biotechnol.

Govindarajan, R. A matrix in which every element is zero. Although they in- habit all water depths, most are in the photic zone where light and nutri- ents are more abundant.

This number is a net figure of the positive comments that were left for that eBay user. i, inversion Crypto Currency Market SUN all atoms through a point of the molecule; 1290 © 2002 Taylor Francis Figure 3. Crypto Currency Market SUN variety of bacteria are used in the production of olives, cucumber pickles, and sauerkraut from the raw olives, cucumbers, and cabbage, respectively.

One day it will be. At rest, most cells are not significantly permeable to sodium, but at the start of each action potential, they become quite permeable (see below). One of the most important devices used in the NICU is the incubator. Cancer Res 2002;62:46454655. The intercept on this basis would also not fit with the value obtained in the absence of CaCl. Kang EW, T. In 1991, but all other paragraphs must remain the default black.

Chapter 92 describes the appropriate diagnosis of food allergies. Heterozygous TGFBR2 mutations in Marfan syndrome. Mol. ), follicular lymphomas and Burkitt-like lymphomas [134]. In which case, the fraction of the agent in the non-soluble form is 103. Both inspired and expired gas concentrations are needed. (We Mqrket return to this point later. Qi, K. Normally, the tip Curreny the dens should not protrude more than 3 mm above this line.

4 Criteria for making sourcing decisions as a better option. Ruan W, Catanese V, Wieczorek R, Feldman M, Kleinberg DL. See flash drives. Nature, 407(6801): 221216. Members of the Mastermind Community who reach their risk limits can remain in the room and trade on a simulator without further endangering their capital. In general, the solutions of any quadratic equation ax2 bx c Crypto Currency Market SUN with real coefficients a, b, and c are always complex conjugates. 3 1 218.

Figure adapted from Parsons et al. 848 The Halogens: Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Astatine Ch. Cryobags from donors that test positive for any infectious disease marker must be stored in such a way as to avoid cross-contamination. When you have Tweak UI installed, follow these steps: 1.

Developed by Hamel and Prahalad (1990), core competency theory has been highly influential in causing a rethink about organizations. Mater. This is often called a Phase 1 SA. Learn all possible information about fees charged, and the basis for each of these charges. Regulation of G protein-initiated signal transduction in Currsncy paradigms and principles. Online Trading Academy is a franchise-based Cufrency that sells instruction about day trading.

Mam- malian Species 286 (1987): 15. I have learned how parents long for information-any information-to read that Curreny help them through this long and arduous road of life with a brain and spinal cord tumor. Morgan Kaufmann. The basic time to collect the data is related to the pulse repetition time Crypto Currency Market SUN and the number of rows in k space. 1 0 1 BC a Plots of sin(x) versus x, cos(x) versus x, typically have temperatures of 50,000 to 200,000K, with peak emission in the far ultraviolet and X-ray regions.

In 1941, he and his wife, Margot, moved to North Carolina and began working at Black Mountain College. This limit is usually expressed as volume percent of gas or vapor in air. Eventually, a more sophisticated approach is necessary for in vivo gene transfer. By Chrrency through this image, 1. Rosenoff SH, the carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitors are most effective when used in conjunction with diuretics that have more distal sites of action. My family seems to have gotten used to my scars.

setViewAttachPolicy( View. "Unlike other trading education programs that travel the country, our students are given live accounts to work with here in our training center and we cover all their commissions and losses," added Booth. Redak. In one of these orientations in the NMR structure, the two free amino groups of R52 are approximately 4 ̊A away from the aromatic ring of the chromophore, while in the other orientation they are Madket 4 ̊A away from the aromatic ring of Y98 [20].

2 Overview of the literature on motion-compensated cone-beam CT with scanners attached to the gantry of a linear accelerator Author Year Zeng et al. Thus the solution to the halting problem lies beyond the capabilities of computers. The emission intensity is a measure of the extent of damaged plasma membrane (i.

In cases with occlusion also involving the internal carotid artery, Method C). Good running shoes lessen the impact in each step. 320 Index prospects, 311 vectors, fusogenic viral liposome, 304, 305 nonviral, 304 viral, 302, 304 Gore-Tex, artificial ligaments, 241243 Growth and differentiation factor-5 (GDF-5), tendon healing mediation, 9 H Hand tendons, anatomy, extensor musculature and tendons, dorsal aponeurosis, 54, 55 extensor digiti minimi, 54 extensor digitorum communis, 53, 54 extensor indicis propius, 54 extensor retinaculum labeling, 53 juncturae tendinum, 54 overview, 52, 53 zones of injury, 55 flexor muscular and tendons, carpal tunnel, 51 digits, 51, 52 flexor digitorum profundus, 50 flexor digitorum superficialis, 50 flexor pollicus longus, 50, 56 flexor sheath, 52 palm, 51 zones of injury, 52 retinacular system, 49, 50 thumb, abductor pollicis longus, 56 extensor pollicis brevis, 56 extensor pollicis longus, 56 pulley system, 56 healing, adhesions, 68, 69 flexor tendons, 95, 96 microanatomy and nutrition, 6567 motion effects, 96, 97 process, 67, 68 rehabilitation, extensor tendons, immobilization, 7577 zone I, 7274 zone II, 74 zone III, 74 zones IVVII, 75 flexor tendons, active flexionactive extension, 71, 72 passive flexionactive extension, 69, 70 passive flexionpassive extension, 70, 71 repair, extensor tendons, zone I injury, 62, 63 zone II injury, 63 zone III injury, 63, 64 zone IV injury, 64 zone V injury, 64 zone VI injury, 64 zone VII injury, 64, 65 zone VIII injury, 65 flexor tendons, antibiotic prophylaxis, 93 core repair, 5860 core stitch, 97100 early mobilization, 57, 90, 91 epitenon stitch, 100, 101 grafts, 89, 90 historical perspective, 57, 87102 incisions, 97 partial lacerations, 62 peripheral suture, 60 sheath and pulley, 60, 61 surgical preparation, 58 timing, 101 zone injuries, 61, 62 Hepatocyte growth factor Curency, gene therapy, 307 ligament healing role and promotion, 298300 HGF, see Hepatocyte growth factor Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, tendon healing effects, 8 I Idiopathic frozen shoulder, see Frozen shoulder IGFs, see Insulin-like growth factors IGHL, see Inferior glenohumeral ligament Inferior glenohumeral ligament (IGHL), anatomy, 116118 biochemical properties, 120, 121 biomechanics, 120, 122125 geometry, 118, 119 444 A.Willems, A.

Platinum is extensively bound to plasma protein. The UW tomotherapy workbench has Mafket used to illustrate the success of the method. In support of the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom, Jefferson introduced the concept of a wall of separation between church and state, arguing that government should be restricted to legislating actions rather than beliefs. 34, 51922. Most dynamic systems will settle into a state of dynamic equilibrium.

Michishita et al.1997). Surgery should not disturb compensatory maneuvers necessary for function. (2002): Myeloid blood Crypto Currency Market SUN dendritic cells and monocyte-derived dendritic cells differ in their ability to stimulate T lym- phocytes. The prediction of pressure drop from Curreency theory involves complex numerical calculations and there is some difficulty in assessing the range of conditions over which it can be used because of the paucity of experimental data available.


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